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Can I download the data in Excel format? How do I do it?

Yes, the data can be exported to a CSV file (excel). To do so, you must be with the APP connected to the CAMM Module, in the configuration screen there is a blue export icon.

Can you leave a mobile phone connected 100% of the time to the computer and sharing data with the installer? So the installer could see alarms in real time ...

The APP will not send alarms to the installer. For this type of application we recommend the installation of a Webserver or GSM alarm.

Does the Camm Module comply with the EN-12830 standard?

Yes, in this case the Camm Module will be used as a record and you have to hang all the time to the AKOCore controller. The probe 3 of the AKOCore must be used as a registration probe (it is configured in parameters) because the EN-12830 requires that the registration probe be exclusively dedicated to that.

How can I guarantee that other installers do not access the equipment?

The pin that comes standard is 1978. It is possible to change it in the configuration screen, being with the APP connected to the CAMM Module.

How can I share a configuration with a companion?

You can send your configurations by post whom you want. In the function <Configurations> there is an icon of exporting next to every configuration that you have created, you must choose if you want to send this configuration " to device " or " to e-mail ". The person who is going to receive the mail needs to have the APP (AKO CAMM Tool) to be able to guard and visualize this configuration.

How far do I have to be from the equipment?

You have to be in front of the equipment. If there are no barriers between the mobile and the equipment it can be up to 5 m away.

How is the battery charged?

The battery will be charged when you connect the Camm Module to an AKO device that is powered.

How much storage time does the Camm Module support?

It depends on the registration interval. For example:

If you register every 1 min: 8 Months of storage

If you register every 15 min: 3 Years of storage (recommended)

How often do I have to update the APP?

Like any other APP you can have on your mobile it is recommended to update it whenever there is a new version available. The new versions bring improvements and important updates for the proper functioning of the equipment.

How often do I have to update the Camm Module firmware?

It is recommended to update the firmware of the CAMM Module whenever possible.

How to configure my CAMM Module?

In the following link you will find a video tutorial of how to do it:


I can not export data, I do not open the mail screen.

The data is exported via mail, the APP automatically opens a new email with the attached data file. If this does not happen is because you do not have an email configured on your mobile, please configure the MAIL / MAIL application (in case of iOS).

I have an Android phone that is NOT Samsung. How can I make the Bluetooth link with the CAMM module?

Android phones that are not Samsung do not allow the link from the App. You must go to mobile ADJUSTMENTS, connections, Bluetooth and link the equipment looking for your NS (serial number) within the available devices.

I have an Android phone. Do I have to give permission to the App to access the location of my device?

Yes. If you do not give permission, the APP will not find the Bluetooth devices to make the link.

I have connected the Camm to the computer and when I scan for equipment I get an icon in the App in the form of a clock and another in the form of an SD card in red and blinking, what happens?

This situation occurs because the Camm Module has to be set. It is necessary to set all Camm time the first time they are used.

I try to enter the App but I can not connect.

Is it the first time you connect? If so, the first time you need to have an internet connection. This will only be necessary the first time.

If I have a Camm in a team recording data and change it to another, what happens with the data?

The team will ask if you want to register or not the data of the new equipment.

If you choose not, it will save the data of the previous equipment and will not register any data in the new equipment.

If you choose yes, it will erase the data and start recording the new equipment data.

In the Camm memory, data from more than one device can not be stored.

The data can be exported to a CSV file (Excel), before deleting them.

If we extract the Camm Module, do I keep the information record? Where is the information stored?

The record of the information is stored in the Camm Module. If we remove the Camm Module we can save this data in the mobile before connecting to another equipment.

In Share Mode, if the end user shares with an installer, and this installer has doubts and wants to share with a colleague, can he do so? That is, can connections be concatenated?

It can not. In this case the installer can pass the mail of the end user to his partner to request the remote connection directly.

In the remote assistance mode when the user shares the controller data with me, can I see them from my computer?

No, it is necessary to have the APP to visualize. The APP is available only for mobile phones.

Is it necessary to be in front of a team with Camm Module to enter the App?

No, it's not necessary. You can enter the App from any site. In addition, you can create a configuration for when you're on site just having to dump it to the team to configure.

Is the confirmation code and the password for the App the same concept?

No. The password of the App will be requested each time you access it, unless the "Do not close session" option is selected, in which case it will not be requested again. The confirmation code is the code that the App sends by email the first time it is registered, and that must be entered the first time the App is accessed.

Our competitors already have Bluetooh ... what do we do differently from the rest? (be different product / different technology)

Our differential is the APP (AKO CAMM Tool) that provides unique solutions to facilitate the work of the installer at all times of consumption: the process of installation, commissioning, maintenance and after sales. With the APP you can build your own library of configurations and share with your colleagues, check the key indicators of the installation, graphs and historical events, in addition to remote access to the installation and avoid unnecessary trips.

The App asks me for a pin to connect with the CAMM Module but in the module it does not come, where can I find it?

The pin is in the Quick Guide that is included in the CAMM Module box. Modules manufactured before May 2018 and carrying the revision 47 (or lower) of the firmware, by default have the PIN 001978. The modules of later version have the PIN 123456. It is possible to change the PIN after having connected for the first time .

The APP can not find the device.

1) Ensure that the Bluetooth connection of the mobile is activated.

2) Check if there is no APP already linked to the device (Bluetooth LED on on the device's display).

3) Check if the camm module has a battery (In the module there are 3 LEDs, if the middle LED is off, the battery is exhausted).

The Camm Module asks me for a pin, what is it?

Modules manufactured before May 2018 and carrying the revision 47 (or lower) of the firmware, by default have the PIN 001978. The modules of later version have the PIN 123456. It is possible to change the PIN after having connected for the first time .

The Camm Module, will replace the Webserver?

It will not replace it, because they are different products with different applications. The Camm Module is made for the installer and provides information value and remote management adapted to small installations where there is no viable communication solution currently. The webserver is the solution in connectivity for larger installations, where there are no problems in wiring via modbus and you want to connect equipment from different AKO product families. In addition, the Module offers "on demand" connectivity, it will not send you emails with alarms like the webserver does.

The product seems to be perfect, but it is very expensive.

The Module Camm as a whole with the APP is a tool of service for the installer, saves his TIME in the resolution of problems and improves his service reducing his COSTS. According to survey AKO to installers, 25 % of the displacements and interventions after-sales might be saved if the installer could connect to the equipment of remote form for adjustment of parameters or resolution of problems. To avoid 2 visits to every 10 is equivalent to an average saving of € 200!! In addition, the Module CAMM the installer helps to avoid unfounded charges thanks to the complete information that it provides to him brings over of possible undue uses of the installation.

What intervals of continuous recording can I configure in the Camm Module?

From the factory, the continuous record is configured to register every 15 minutes, but it can be set every 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

What is the difference between the and function?

The <Parameters> function is for viewing and changing parameters of the equipment to which you are connected. The <Configurations> function is your configuration library where you can create new configurations or export existing ones.

Why do we have 2 applications?

We have an application for the installer "Camm tool" that gives you access to view and edit all the parameters of the equipment. The "Camm fit" application is designed for the end user and only allows you to view the data and share the connection with someone remotely.

Will the App be available for download on tablets?

We still do not have it to download on tablets.